Artist Statements | Bio

Artist Statement - Stitchings
My hand-stitched portraits and landscapes are idealized interpretations in an Impressionist style, punctuated with symbolic elements. I developed a unique way to apply the threads— in long, radiating stitches. The tightly spaced smooth threads create reflective facets that give the work a sense of animation. I combine this needlework with traditional embroidery that I learned as a child.

Artist Statement - Paper Constructions
My 3-dimensional, abstract collages are made with paper, hardware, and sewing notions. The papers used include annual reports, magazines, maps, shopping bags, skein bands, puzzle pieces, book jackets, and sundry other repurposed papers. One 3-dimensional shape central to many of the works is a 10-faced polyhedron. Polyhedra occur often in nature—stacked, intertwined, and repeated over-and-over—the shape itself dictating its position relative to other polyhedra.


1974-1978, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, BS in Advertising, with honors; studies included graphic design, art history, furniture history, life drawing, photography, and interior design

Art-Related Experience and Services
Founder and publisher (2004 - 2007) of Art Lover's Guide, an annual art guide and companion Web site covering Central Texas artists, galleries, and museums.

2007–Current: Founder of Tome Town, a small book-design firm offering services to individuals and businesses that want to use powerful new resources that have been created specifically for self-publishers.